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Tuesday 23rd February 2021

 Good morning year 4!

We hope you had a fantastic and restful holiday and are ready for home learning. We are very excited that we will get to see you very soon however until then you need to continue the hard work and dedication you put into home learning. We look forward to receiving and marking your work! 

Below are your tasks for the day.


Start your day by joining Mr Iszchak for your PE lesson. Download the file below to start!

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This week our focus is Poetry.  Download and work your way through the PDF slides as well as the links below. Your task today is to 

create a story map for the poem, remember to include pictures and key words only. After this create actions for the poem and send us in your videos or pictures on class dojo!


Chocolate Cake | POEM | Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen - YouTube

Michael Rosen STICKERS and STUFF - out Michael's website for news, updat...


This week your focus is angles. Download the lesson slides in addition to watching the link below to complete your session. 


Shape and symmetry: To compare and order angles

In this lesson, you will be revising the names of different types of angles. We will be looking at what angles have in common with each other and what makes them different. We will estimate angles and learn the properties of various types of angles. We will use angle makers to experiment with different amounts of degrees and investigate the angles around us.
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Afternoon tasks 

Fast maths 

Log into purple mash to complete your task which is to identifying number patterns.

Topic- Design and Technology 

This week you are going to make soup! Download the lesson slides to find out more.  After you have finished you have two tasks; 

Task 1: We would like you to plan a healthy meal that you could have tonight for dinner. Make sure that you think about the different food groups and the portions of each.

Task 2: Research different types of soups and different flavours. Things to think about 

• Foods that go well together.

• Flavours you like.

• Traditional soups. 

Write down your plan on a piece of paper and keep it save for the next lesson as you will need it to make your soup.

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Wednesday 24th February 2021
Friday 12th February 2021