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Make sure you are going on Rapid Reader.

 Good morning,

Sorry I was quiet yesterday but I spent the day in school looking after some children that have been coming in. You are lucky that I am here as I did get stuck in one of the yellow bikes. Miss Doke thought it was hilarious!  I have notice more of you are accessing Purple Mash, but I have noticed no one has been on Rapid Reader for a couple of weeks. I know some children have been told to go on Read Theory instead and well done to those who have been going on the website. It is really important that you continue to read as much as you can. I have just started reading this new book called ' The bus stop at the end of the world.' It about a boy who meets cowboys and aliens. I chose this book because it is set around an area in Wales where I used to go on holiday every year called Pembroke. When I have been there I have never met  a cowboy or alien, I will let you know more about the book once I have read more. 

Let us know what you have been reading since you have been away.

Mr White

Daily Challenge 27 - 20.5.20