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Wb 19.2.18

Our trip to Whipsnade Zoo.

Should animals be kept in cages? 

​Hello and Welcome back! We hope you have all had a wonderful half term.

Safer Internet Day

We spent the morning discussing the ways we can keep ourselves safe online. We also talked about how we should treat people online, and it should be the way we would treat them in real life.  Visit the UK Safer Internet Center website on ways we can enjoy using the internet while keeping ourselves safe.


​In Literacy this week we are looking at poems with emotive language. We read the poem 'My mother saw a dancing bear' and thought of actions to help us learn the text. As a class, we discussed how this poem made us feel. 

Here we are looking at other emotive poems and identifying the emotive language used in them. 

In geography, we are learning about deserts. We have been identifying different deserts in different continents and discussing the features of deserts.  

Wb 26.2.18
wb 29.1.18