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Friday 17th July

​Good morning, I can't believe it is the last day of term today! I am excited as it is the holidays soon but I am also feeling a bit emotional as it is our last day in year 4.  As it is our last day I have decided to come off timetable and have planned some fun, practical (educational of course) activities for you to do. Please remember to continue to send in images of your work on

Your first task is a maths, home challenge sheet. I (Miss Khan) have already had a go at completing this challenging sheet and it was very fun indeed, having studied all topic in school helped me a lot as well!

​Your next fun task is an EMOJI CODE BREAKING challenge. It is a code breaking challenge so I am going to leave it to you to figure out what to do. HAVE FUN! 

A message from me (Miss Khan) if you are struggling ask me on out year 4 blog, I will be more than happy to help every step of the way. :)

Your next practical activity is  a SCIENCE TOPIC called 'DANCING RAISINS'. This practical activity is about floating and sinking. The resources and instructions are all explained in the image below. If you do not have raisins, please do not worry, why don't you predict what will happen instead. 

Your English task today is very interesting. The book below 'Space Tortoise' is written by the author Ross Montgomery the author who visited us in school and we read his book 'Perijee and me' as our class story. Today I would like you to look at the front cover and predict what you think the book is about. If you would like to challenge yourself even further why not write the story yourself.

A message from me (Miss Khan) when I first looked at the front cover I automatically noticed the strange-looking, circle-shaped 'item' on the Tortoise's head. I thought this is what astronauts wear when in space so the Tortoise must be in space. But, looking at the picture in greater detail there is grass! THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF GRASS IN SPACE. SO MAYBE THE TORTOISE HAS DISCOVERED A NEW PLANET IN SPACE? This is what I thought, what do you think? 

 For reading today I would like you to read 'The Tyger' by William Blake and then complete the 5 comprehensions questions attached below. 

​If you need help, remember we are available on the Year 4 blog. Look out for another post from your teachers later today. 


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