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Daily challenge 8 - 2.4.20

 Good morning everyone, Today you challenge is to recreate your favourite scene from a book or film. But you are only allowed to use the thi...
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Daily joke.

What is orange and sounds like a parrot. A carrot.

Lean on me

​Good morning Year 4, I hope you enjoy all this lovely weather, because I bet as soon as we go back to school it will be pouring with rain! Thank you ...
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TT Rock Stars Battle certificates

​Well done Year 4 for your hard work. Here are some awards from the last battle. The Year 4 vs Year 5 battle has now begun!   Download PDF File H...
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Challenge 7 - 1.4.20

​Today's challenge is one I use to love growing up. I admit it was many years ago. but today's challenge is to build the best den! The more people you...
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Joke of the day

What is Beethoven's favourite fruit?   BANANANAAAAAAAA!

Bags for sale!

​Happy April Year 4, I hope you are keeping busy and not going mad like I am! Last night I became so bored that I decided to clean the cupboard under ...
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Literacy Live!

​Tomorrow, the whole school will be taking part in a live Youtube writing challenge which is happening across the country! The first live video i...
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Day 7 challenge - 31.3.20

Good morning, As it is the last day of March the challenge will be extra hard! Today you challenge is you find 1 object around the house the starts wi...
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Daily joke

​Where is a cats favourite place to travel to?  Singa-purrr!

The last day of March

 Good morning Year 4, It is the last day of March and the sun is shining! However today is when we win the battle of the Rock stars! Unfortunatel...
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My new hobby!

​Good morning everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend and kept yourself busy. Thank you to the children who went online over the weekend. Pleas...
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Day 5 Challenge - 27.3.20

Good morning,  Today's task is to create the sculpture/art work of one of the Year 4 adults!  Some ideas: You could paint or draw a picture ...
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Thank you for correcting my work

Good morning everyone, I hoped you all went outside last night and clapped for the NHS. At the end I tried to get the street to sing but they just loo...
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Challenge 1: The paper challenge. 23/3/20

​Challenge 1  Using only 1 sheet of paper who can make the tallest tower. Once you have completed the challenge get your parent to email in a pho...
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Siemens interactive games.

I have found this really interesting website that allows you learn about a number of different areas in Science through games and quizzes. I really en...
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