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Weekly star learners!

As it is Friday, it's time to find out who our weekly star learners are!

Well done to Filip, Daniel C, Yannis, Reece, David and Raoul for completing the most English work this week!

Well done to Mustafa, Yannis, Daniel C , Filip, David, Raoul, Aminah, Tain, Maya and Andrea for completing the most maths tasks this week!

Well done to Raoul, Tain, Yannis, Filip and Daniel C for completing the most topic tasks this week!

These children have been accessing Rapid Readers/Read theory the most this week; Brisejda, Reece, Filip, Yannis, Obinna, Tallulah, Saheli, Andrea, Nikodem, Raoul, David and Hezio.

These children have been accessing Times Table Rock Stars the most this week; Yannis, Filip, Raoul and Khadija.

Well done to all of our star learners for this week! Keep up the good work! You have all earnt 5 house points each (if your name was mentioned more than once, then you will get 5 house points for each time)!

Keep up all of the fantastic work Year 3! 

Year 3 Letter