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Weekly overview for week beginning 29.06.20


This week in English, we are going to finish of practicing the skills needed and start planning and writing our own non-chronological report.Last week, you learnt about subheadings, bullet points and conjunctions. You must remember to include those in your report this week.

Monday: Coordinating Conjunctions

Tuesday: Pronouns

Wednesday: Researching a holiday destination

Thursday: Boxing up a non-chronological report

Friday: Writing a non-chronological report


This week in maths, we will be focusing on addition and subtraction. You will recap what you know about addition and subtraction and deepen your understanding of using efficient methods and problem solving. You will be adding and subtracting ones, tens and hundred to/from three digit numbers, solving word problems, creating your own addition and subtraction problems and solving an investigation.

Monday- Adding ones, tens and hundreds to three digit numbers
Tuesday- Subtracting ones, tens and hundreds from three digit numbers

Wednesday- Solving missing number balancing calculations

Thursday- Solving addition and subtraction problems

Friday- Exploring an addition investigation


Our topic this week is art. We will be learning about still life paintings. There will be slides in some of the lessons for you to look at but for majority of these lessons we would like you to use paper, pencils and paint to create art pieces.

Monday: Investigating Still Life paintings

Tuesday: Experimenting with a range of different drawing techniques

Wednesday:Developing the control of tools and techniques

Thursday: Gathering ideas to use in a still life composition

Friday: Creating a Still Life painting


Each week, we focus on a set of key words for spellings. We will be providing three spelling lessons each week that focus on the key words and spelling rules shown below. The spelling lessons will be shown on the daily update. There will also be a daily spelling challenge so look out for these on the school website!

The week's key words:





This week's spelling rule:


Sub – subheading, submarine

Inter – interact

Anti – anticlockwise, antiseptic

Auto – autograph

Super – supermarket, superstar

To practice your spellings, you can use the look, say, cover, write, check method, create pyramids, put the words into sentences or create your own dictionary for the words.

Monday 29th June 2020
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