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Tuesday 30th June 2020

Good morning Year 3!

We hope you all enjoyed yesterday's tasks.


In today's lesson, you will learn about pronouns.

Online Option:

Activity 1 - Watch the lesson on pronouns and complete the suggested activities. You will need paper and a pen/pencil for this lesson.

Activity 2 - Once you have completed the lesson, share on the Year 3 blog called 'Tuesday English' what you have learnt about pronouns. You could also write a paragraph using pronouns to show what you have understood.

Offline option: Using the worksheet provided below, write a list of pronouns and nouns. Then, rewrite the sentences provided or write your own that have pronouns. Underline each pronoun or write them in a different colour. Send in a photo to


Here is your spelling lesson for today! Download the file to see the lesson slides. 

File Name: Spelling-lesson-2
File Size: 306 kb
Download File

When you complete the activities, you can either send photos of your work to or comment on the year 3 blog.


In this lesson, you will learn how to subtract ones, tens and hundreds from three digit numbers using the lesson slides below. Download the file to see the slides.

After going through the lesson slides, choose to complete either the online or offline option.

File Name: Tuesday-subtraction-lesson-slides
File Size: 1 mb
Download File

Online option: Complete the following 2do tasks that we have set for you on Purple Mash:

-Subtraction HTO - O

-Subtraction HTO - T

-Subtraction HTO - H

Offline option: Can you answer the questions below? You can write the answers on paper at home. Remember to send a photo of your work to


Today, you will start to draw your own still life pictures. There will be a few challenges for you to complete. First, you will need to set up a composition of 2 or 3 items. Use things from around your home for example, a vase, a fruit bowl and a lamp. These items will be what you will draw. You will also need paper and pencils.

Once you have set up your composition, try out the techniques below.

Technique 1: Drawing composition line by line.

Instead of trying to draw one object at a time and thinking about the perspective,look at the composition just as a number of different lines. Draw each line you see.

Technique 2: Not taking your eyes off the composition.

People draw things that they think they see. This means sometimes the image doesn't turn out like the composition itself. This technique will encourage you to look carefully at the composition.For this activity, you will look at nothing else but the composition instead of looking at your paper.

Technique 3: Drawing without taking the pencil off the page.

Remember technique 1 and break the composition down into lines but this time you aren't allowed to take their pencil off the page at any point.

Repeat technique 3 but this time think about the tone and shades they can see.

Technique 4: Draw the space.

Instead of drawing the actual objects, with this technique you draw the space between the objects. At the start, the drawing may look like a number of random shapes but eventually the composition should come together.

Once you have finished, please send in a photo to  We would love to see your art work!

Remember to also check your class blog and display boards each day!

Hope you enjoy your tasks for today. Remember to try and follow the suggested daily timetable to keep your mind and body healthy. Have a good day!

Miss Rabheru, Miss Massarotto and Mrs Kistruck

Spelling Challenge
Filip's Art, Maths and Spelling work!