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Monday 29th June 2020

Good morning year 3!

We hope you've all had a lovely weekend. We hope you tried out some of the activities that we suggested for the weekend! We will be posting the answers to the cross word soon!


In today's English lesson, you will learn about coordinating conjunctions.

Online Option:

Activity 1 - Watch the lesson on coordinating conjunctions and complete the activities suggested. You will need paper and pen for this lesson.

Activity 2 - Once you have completed the lesson, share on the Year 3 blog called 'Monday English' what you have learnt about co-ordinating conjunctions. Can you write your own sentences using these co-ordinating conjunctions?

Offline option: Using the sentence frames below complete the sentences. Can you write your own sentences using these co-ordinating conjunctions?Send in a photo to


Here is your spelling lesson for today! Download the file to see the lesson slides. 

File Name: Spelling-lesson-1
File Size: 378 kb
Download File

When you complete the activities, you can either send photos of your work to or comment on the year 3 blog.


We will be setting new books for you on Rapid Readers/Read theory today for this week so please make sure you aim to read one book a day and complete the related activities.


This week, you will be learning about addition and subtraction.

In this lesson, you will learn how to add ones, tens and hundreds to three digit numbers using the lesson slides below. Download the file to see the slides.

After going through the lesson slides, choose to complete either the online or offline option.

File Name: Monday-addition-lesson-slides
File Size: 947 kb
Download File

Online option: Complete the following 2do tasks that we have set for you on Purple Mash:

-Addition HTO + O

-Addition HTO + T

-Addition HTO + H

Offline option: Can you answer the questions below? You can write the answers on paper at home. Remember to send a photo of your work to


Your topic focus for this week is art (still life).

File Name: Monday
File Size: 1.4 mb
Download File

Activity 1 - Go through the slides provided above. What is still life? What do the pictures in the slides have in common? What do you notice about the techniques, colours and tones the artist has used? Which do you like best?

Activity 2 - Choose one of the 'Blank Still Life' sheets shown below and colour it in using colour as your focus. You may want to use only 2 colours and practice shading for example using only reds or blues or you can choose 3 contrasting colours etc.
Activity 3 - Choose one of the 'Blank Still Life' sheets and colour it in using different techniques to create effects for example you may want to just use a pencil to practice their shading.
Activity 4 - Choose one of the 'Still Life Sketches' and copy it into blank paper, trying to replicate the shapes and tones of the original as much as they can.Look carefully at how the artist has used shading to make the objects look 3D.

Don't worry if you can't print the pictures, draw similar pictures yourself and practice the skills.

Don't forget to send in photos of your art work to

File Name: Monday-Worksheets
File Size: 1.4 mb
Download File

We hope you enjoy your tasks for today. Remember to try and follow the suggested daily timetable to keep your mind and body healthy. Have a good day!

Miss Rabheru, Miss Massarotto and Mrs Kistruck

Spelling Challenge
Weekly overview for week beginning 29.06.20