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Friday 26th June 2020

Good morning Year 3!

We hope you all enjoyed yesterday's tasks.


In today's English lesson, you will learn about subordinating conjunctions.

Online Option:

Activity 1 - Watch the lesson on subordination conjunctions and complete the activities suggested. You will need paper and a pen for this lesson.

Activity 2 - Once you have completed the online lesson, share on the Year 3 blog called 'Friday English' what you have learnt about subordinating conjunctions.

Offline Option: Using the sentences in the document provided complete the endings. Send in a photo to

File Name: Week-1-Friday-Offline-option
File Size: 100 kb
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In today's maths lesson, you will recap what you know about place value and use your knowledge to answer questions.

Activity 1 – Complete the 'place value spreadsheet' 2do task that we have set for you on Purple Mash.

Activity 2 – Complete the 'numbers to 1000' 2do task that we have set for you on Purple Mash. You need to type the numbers shown in words.

Activity 3 – Leave a comment on the reflection blog on Purple Mash to tell us how you have found your maths learning this week.

Offline option:

Complete the questions shown in the pdf document below. You can write the answers on paper at home and send us photos of your work to

File Name: NPV-lesson-5
File Size: 124 kb
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In today's geography lesson, you will be creating a poster based on your favourite European country.

Select a country from Europe and research information about it. It may be a country you already know a lot about or a country you want to learn more about.

Here are some questions you may want to answer on your poster:

What is the capital city? What is the population? Why do people go there on holiday? What tourist attractions do they have? What animals can be found there? What is the cuisine? What are they famous for?

Online option: Using the 2do that we have set on Purple Mash, complete a poster based on your chosen country.

Offline option: Create a poster on paper with information about the country of your choice and send a photo to

Remember to also check your class blog and display boards each day!

Hope you enjoy your tasks for today. Remember to try and follow the suggested daily timetable to keep your mind and body healthy. Have a good day!

Miss Rabheru, Miss Massarotto and Mrs Kistruck

Filip has been working very hard!
David's brilliant work from home!