Hello and welcome to Year 2!
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Gymnastics - 11.09.19

 Look at how flexible the children in Strawberry class are. They love their gymnastics lessons!

Maths - Place Value 10.09.19

 Strawberry class have been learning to understand tens and units with bead strings.

Billy The Brave Knight 09.09.19

Over the next  couple of weeks, year 2 are learning about stories with dilemmas and resolutions. They are currently learning to recall the text B...
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Year 2 Learning Log Workshop

Year 2 will be a holding a year 2 learning log workshop for parents and children on Monday 9th September 2019. This will take place in Strawberry clas...
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Welcome to Year 2

The children have started this week/Autumn term extremely well. All the children in both Strawberry and Cherry class have settled in to their classes ...
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