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Wk beginning 11.09.17

A BIG Thank you to all the parents who came to our picnic we had a lovely afternoon and everyone really enjoyed the food we had made. soon.

After the picnic we had time to play with our family and friends

In Literacy we have been learning about Poetry. We made a poem map for our poem about our Senses. Then we thought about adding adjectives to make our poem more exciting.

In Numeracy we have been learning our number bonds. Please help support your child at home to learn their number bond using their card.

We have also been thinking about counting on from a given number to find an answer and working on more/less.

In Science we have started learning all about Our Bodies.

Did you know that when you are born you have 300 bones in your body!!! BUT when you grow up you only have 206 bones!!! AMAZING

We have made our own skeletons – that was fun!!

Number Bond Help!
Wb: 4.9.17