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Our first topic is poetry. Do you know what a poem is? A poem is written in lines, unlike a story which is written in sentences. Some, but not all poems rhyme. We will be looking at poems that rhyme. 

Rhyming words are â€‹different words which have the same phonics sound at the end of the word. 

Firstly, read through the poem below with your adult, using your phonics to sound out the words.

Next, can you highlight or circle the rhyming words in the poem. For example, 'jump' and 'hump' and send your work to your child's portfolio on class dojo. 

Lastly, make up some actions to the poem, to help you remember it. If you like, you can record yourself and send it to your portfolio on Class Dojo. 

If you are not sure how to post to your child's portfolio on Class Dojo, please  click on this link and watch the video which will explain how to do it.

Leap like a leopard

Leap like a leopard,

Hop like a kangaroo,

Swing from branch to branch,

Like a monkey in a zoo,

Dive like a dolphin,

Plunge like a whale,

Creep like a caterpillar,

Crawl like a snail,

Scuttle like a spider,

Slither like a snake,

Slide like a duck,

On a frozen lake,

John Foster

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