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Tuesday 30th June

30th June Good morning.mp3

Good morning! 

Today is the last day of June - it is Tuesday 30th June.

The short date is 30.6.2020.

The weather is much colder than last week. What word would you use for the weather today?


30th June phonics.mp3

​The sound we are learning is 'ir'. Can you remember any of the 'ir' words from yesterday's lesson?

Watch Geraldine the Giraffeand learn more about the 'ir' sound:

Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil to try writing the words in this video:

30th June sound buttons.mp3

Look at the words on the left. Write them down and draw the sound buttons underneath them to show the sounds. Remember to use a dot (.) when one letter makes the sound and a line ( ___ )  when two or more letters together make the sound. I have done some sound buttons for you to show you what to do.

30th June Choose activity.mp3

Now you can choose what to do: you can log on to Purple Mash to do the 'ir' quiz I have put for your 2Do OR you can have a go at the activity below. Some of the words are real words in English and some have been made up - they are fake - BUT they all have the 'ir' sound in them. Use your sounds to read the words, then decide if they are real or fake. Some of the words sound really funny! Colour all the real words in one colour and all the fake words in a different colour. Ask an adult to take a photo of your colouring and email it  for me to see to


30th June Deserts vocabulary.mp3

This week we are learning about deserts in English. Yesterday you thought about what you already know about deserts and what you would like to know.

Today you are going to learn new vocabulary linked with deserts and learn about what a desert is. 

Look at the word list below. Read the words, look at the picture and think - do you know what the word means? If you don't, can you use a dictionary to find out? What are the words in your own language?

30th June Desert information.mp3
30th June Deserts Information Read Aloud.mp3

Now to find out some information about deserts. Read the information below about what a desert is ( or what deserts are) and where deserts can be found. If you want to hear me reading the information, click on the black box on the right. Look out, or listen, for the words on the Deserts Vocabulary sheet. See if you can spot them!

30th June puzzles.mp3

To finish today's English learning, have a go at the puzzles below. If you are learning from home, these will be in your home learning pack.

At the top of the sheet, you will find anagrams of some of the new words . I have helped you by putting a list of the words I have used on the sheet. Then you have a wordsearch to complete.  Have fun!


30th June Counting back in 6s.mp3

​Let's practise counting backwards in 6s. Counting backwards is always trickier than counting forwards! Join in with the video:

How did you get on? Remember to keep practising until you are an expert!

30th June Tenths.mp3

​We have been learning about fractions. Today let's focus on learning about tenths. Do you know what a tenth is? Watch the video lesson and have a go at the questions. Remember if you have any problems you can ask for help on the Purple Mash blog and I will try to help you.

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