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Friday 17th July

17th July good morning.mp3

Good morning.

Today is the last day of the term! There will be no school now until September.

The long date is Friday 17th July and the short date is 17.7.2020.

What is the weather like today? I wonder how hot it will be.


17th July phonics.mp3

 Let's learn one more sound before the holidays! Today's sound is the split digraph o_e.

Watch the lesson first: 

Use your sounds to read the words below.


17th July English.mp3

Today is world emoji day! So our English and Maths lessons are going to be fun . We will use emojis for our learning.

Look at the Emoji code below. Can you work out what the message is?

When you have solved the message, write your own message using the emoji code.

17th July message.mp3

I made up my own message using the code.

Can you read it? 


17th July maths.mp3

Now use the emojis and the code below to calculate the answers.  Choose which sheet of questions you want to do.

Thursday 16th July