While the school is closed, it is important that you keep learning English and keep yourself happy, healthy and safe.

I am really looking forward to looking at the work you do on Purple Mash, My Maths and Rapid Readers.

Look on this page every day because I will be letting you know what work I have given you.

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Friday 22nd May

Friday 22nd May
Today is Friday 22nd May and the short date is 22.05.2020. This means that there are 9 days left of May. Can you remember what the next month is calle...
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Thursday 21st May

Good morning Welcome Class. The long date today is Thursday 21st May. What is the short date? The weather is sunny and warm. I hope it is not going to...
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Wednesday 20th May

Today is Wednesday 20th May and the short date is 20.5.2020. The weather is sunny and I think it is going to get HOT today. I think I might like some ...
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Tuesday 19th May

 Today is Tuesday 19th of May. The short date is 19.5.2020. The weather is warm and sunny again. I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather and s...
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Monday 18th May

 Good morning Welcome Class! Today is Monday 18th May and the short date is 18.5.2020. There are 31 days altogether in May ... so how many days a...
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Friday 15th May

Good morning! Wow! It is Friday again! This week has gone so quickly. Today is Friday 15th May. The short date is 15.5.2020. The weather is sunny. I t...
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Thursday 14th May

Today is Thursday 14th May.The short date is 14.5.2020. The weather is cold and sunny again. Because it is sunny, it looks warm but it is very cold ou...
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Wednesday 13th May

​The long date is Wednesday 13th May. Do you know how many days are in May altogether? How many days are left? The short date is 13.5.2020. The weathe...
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Tuesday 12th May

 Today is Tuesday 12th May. The short date is 12.5.2020. The weather is sunny and cold again. This morning when I woke up there was a little bit ...
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Monday 11th May

​Hello! The long date today is Monday 11th May. The short date is 11.5.2020. The weather is cold and sunny. Today I would like you to watch Maddie's p...
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Thursday 7th May

 Hello Welcome Class. Today is Thursday 7th May. The short date is 7.5.2020. One again, it is a lovely day. The weather is warm and sunny. Tomorr...
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Wednesday 6th May

 What a beautiful morning! Today is Wednesday 6th May. The short date is 6.5.2020. The weather today is sunny and warm. Remember to log on to&nbs...
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Tuesday 5th May

Good morning Welcome Class! I hope you are all happy and well. Today is Tuesday 5th May and the short date is 5.5.2020.  The weather is sunny aga...
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Monday 4th May

​Today is Monday the 4th May. The short date is 4.5.20. It is great to see a lovely sunny Monday morning again!  At the weekend, I planted some s...
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Friday 1st May

Good morning! Today is the first day of May: Friday 1st May. There are 31 days altogether in May. The short date is 1.5.2020. The weather is clou...
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Thursday 30th April

 Hello Welcome Class! How are you all today? I am full of energy so I think I must have had a great sleep last night! Today is Thursday 30th Apri...
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Wednesday 29th April

​Good morning! When I write the date, I keep writing March instead of April! It is nearly the end of April so soon I will need to remember to write Ma...
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Tuesday 28th April

 Good morning! Today is Tuesday 28th April. The short date is 28.4.20. There are 30 days altogether in April. Do you know how many days are left?...
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Monday 27th April

 It is Monday morning again. Did you have a nice weekend? What did you do? I made pizzas and did some knitting. Today is Monday 27th April. The s...
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