Tuesday 9th June

​Another beautiful day! We hope you enjoyed yesterdays tasks. Well done to so many of you accessing learning online, we are SO PROUD OF YOU! Math...
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Monday challenge! Can you write a book review for 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne?

​Gorilla, by Anthony Browne, is a book that you are recommended to read before you leave year 4. Therefore, I would like you to read this book,&n...
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Hello again! Your spellings from now onward will be just like we practiced in school.  Therefore, you will only have 11 spellings to learn each w...
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Monday 8th June

Good morning year 4! We hope you had a lovely weekend! Remember to try to stick closely to the recommended timetable we have suggested (found above). ...
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​Mrs Bonfield and Miss Khan are feeling extremely proud today! This is because there have been so many of you from Rouge, Claret, and Burgundy ac...
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Friday challenge time! Can you use ambitious adjectives to describe this picture?

​Hello! Your task today is to use ambitious adjectives and by ambitious I mean interesting words to describe this picture below. If you really wa...
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Friday 5th June

  Good morning year 4! I hope you enjoyed yesterday's task. English- online and offline task Today your task in English is to draw a book cover t...
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Thursday challenge! Who will you interview Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley or Hermione Granger?

​Calling all Harry Potter fans! You are going to imagine that Harry, Ron and Hermione are visiting us in year 4! However, you can ONLY INTER...
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Thursday 4th June

Good morning year 4! I hope you enjoyed yesterday's task. English  Today I have decided to revisit some English lessons with you, therefore ...
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Well done Nadia and Wateen!

​Hello again! This is a shoutout to Nadia and Wateen for creating posters for year 1 on 'How to wash your hands'! Have a look at their work its b...
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Not all superheroes wear capes!

 Not all superheroes wear capes. One of your friend in year 4 saved a wren (which is a type of bird) from a cat, well done yo...
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Wednesday challenge! How many Disney characters can you name in this one picture?

Hi guys! I am super excited for the challenge today as it’s a DISNEY challenge. Your task is to create a list of all the characters you recognise. Rem...
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Wednesday 3rd June

​Good morning Year 4!  We hope you are well and enjoyed yesterday's task. English This week our focus is on poetry, if you have not already done ...
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Tuesday's challenge time! Can you create a 'how to wash your hands' poster for a year 1 child?

Hi, year 4 me again! I know a lot of you have missed daily challenges and dish of the week as a result, we ARE BACK IN ACTION! Today, your challenge i...
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Tuesday 2nd June

  Another beautiful day! We hope you are well. Remember the morning keep fit sessions with Joe wicks as it is very important to keep fit and heal...
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Eid piñata!

Hi year 4, check out this work done by one of your friends. She with the help of someone  created an  Eid piñata, their  idea was let's...
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Happy Monday

Good morning year 4! How was your break? What did you get up to? It is lovely to have you back! In this post, you will find out about your weekly task...
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Keeping Busy!

​We love to see what you have been getting up to while we aren't at school and a couple of you have sent in some work you have been doing. Waten has c...
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Daily Challenge 29 - 22.5.20

Good morning, As you maybe aware it is Eid this weekend ans some of you will celebrating. As it is the end of term I want us all to have a celebration...
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Having a whale of a time!

 Good morning, As promoted on the school website and Purple Mash I took part in the world record attempt for the most people in an art lesson. (O...
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