Please do a sun dance!

Good morning, Thank you to the children that have been doing the daily challenge and sending in photos, all the teachers really enjoy looking at them....
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Keep your password safe!

 Just a quick reminder that you should keep all your passwords safe! It is very important that you keep your personal details private. We have do...
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Outdoor activities week 2

  Download PDF File Here Here are some ideas you could do outside when you go out for your daily exercise. Make sure that you follow the governme...
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Daily challenge 19 - 4.5.20

Good morning, Today is known as Star Wars day so your challenge today is create your very one Alien. You could dress yourself up as an alien, design i...
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Daily joke - Star Wars themed

Is BB hungry? No, BB8. 

May the 4th be with you!

Good morning, I am sitting here typing this with tears running down my face because Miss Khan wrote May the 4th be with you, before me. I was so&...
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Pete's Live assembly!

​ Hi year 4, I have some very important information for you! Pete, who we have all missed, is going to do a LIVE assembly this week on Wedne...
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My Maths and 2Code tasks including a spelling challenge!

Good morning year 4 and morning to many STAR WARS FANS, MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!  I h ope you had a restful weekend. This week I hav...
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Wateen in Quarantine

 Here is the diary of Wateen's experience while she has been away from school. It is good to see that she has been keeping busy. Well done you wi...
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Year 4 Mosaics

​Well done for creating a fantastic mosaic. We really enjoy seeing all your hard work. You both can have 5 house points each. 

Daily challenge 18 - 1.5.20

Good morning, Your challenge today is to create your perfect meal, think about making it a balanced meal. Yes we would all like a chocolate sandwich a...
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Daily Joke

  How can you tell a vampire has a cold? They starts coffin.

It's Friday!

 Good morning, I hope you all went out and clapped last night, I was at the window with my pot and wooden spoon, I was making big racket and...
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Dice game!

​Have you seen their very own dice game? I absolutely loved the colourful dice game he created. As you can tell from the image, he is very proud ...
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Daily Challenge 18 - 30.4.20

​Good morning, Your challenge today if you choose to accept it is to create a news report of your April in lock down. It is your choice how you comple...
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Daily Joke

Why was the broom late for school?  It overswept! 

Last day of April

Good morning, I hope everyone is keeping safe, and keeping busy. Just a quick reminder of the different websites that we have setting work on. It is v...
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Activities you can do inside and out.

​I have been looking for lesson plans to encourage all the teachers to take the learning outside, I have came across this website that provides sugges...
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Daily challenge 17 - 29.4.20

​As I made a birthday cake yesterday. I was you design your dream birthday cake. I want to know what it would look like and what flavour it would be. ...
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Daily joke

What dinosaur had the best vocabulary? The thesaurus.