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Wednesday 3 March 2021

 Hello Poppy and Tulip,

I hope you are keeping safe and enjoying the home learning activities.

The home learning for Wednesday 3rd March is set out below:


Online-Blending sounds lesson- Or play this game:

Offline- Sound or Word hunt around your house/garden. Ask your grown up to write some words with our sounds in: look, foot, cook, book, wood, hook, boot, zoo, zoom, cool, moon, roof on pieces of paper and hide for you to find. Can you read with the help of your grown up


The caterpillar is hungry. Can you write a list of all the foods the caterpillar can eat.

Online –type your list on a computer

Offline –write your list on paper


Offline: Have four activities set up and a 1 minute timer, with an adult at each of the activities to record the chn's scores. 1. How many jumps in 1 minutes? 2. How many times can they write their name on outside with chalk/or whiteboard/paper etc? 3. How many throws and catches can they do in 1 minute? 4. Play hide and seek – count to 10 slowly get the children to hide. Did they have enough time to hide? How could you have more time to hide?

Online: watch video clip all about time.

Thursday 4th March
Tuesday 2 March 2021