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Tuesday 9th February 2021

 Hello Poppy and Tulip,

I hope you are well, and keeping safe.

I have set the home learning below for Tuesday 9th February.


Online/offline- Write I can see sentence to match the picture. Use colourful semantic cards to help.


Online: Early Year Foundation Stage – Maths – Numbers within 10 – Lesson 6 one more.

Offline – Adult to draw a 10 frame for your child. Place small object in each box and count them. Take off all of the objects. Then put back 9. Ask your child how many objects now? Do we need to count them all again? If I add one more how many will I have? Remember the number gets bigger if we add 1 more


Online-Short ng clip: and ng twinkl live lesson: from 7.54

Offline- Can you try to practice your ng? Can you write king, ring, sing. Write some phonic sounds on your child's building blocks. Challenge your child to build different words e.g. king, ring, sing, long, wing, fang, swing, sting, ba

Wednesday 10th February 2021
Monday 8 February 2021