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Tuesday 2 March 2021

 Hello Poppy and Tulip,

I hope you are keeping safe and enjoying the home learning activities.

The home learning for Tuesday 2nd March is set out below:


Online-long oo clip: and long oo twinkl live lesson: from 4.09

Offline- Can you try to practice your oo? Can you write: too, boot, zoo, hoot, zoom, cool, food, root, moon, roof. Play Matching Pairs - finding and reading matching words. Can your grown up write these words: look, foot, cook, book, wood, hook, boot, zoo, zoom, cool, moon, roof on pieces of paper. They will to write them twice. Can you then match each word with its pair?


Correct the sentence on paper or type onto your tablet.Remember sentences start with capital letters, include finger spaces and end with full stops.

iN thE lightof the Moon aN egg LAY on a lEAf


Have a go at drawing, painting a caterpillar or butterfly and then writing sounds these words begin with.You could also use Mini-Mash and draw a butterfly or caterpillar.


Offline: Talk to you child about different parts of the day eg before lunch? - (morning) After lunch time? – afternoon) At home after dinner? (evening) Write some key times during the day for your child, eg 7.00 am and then ask them to write/draw what they do at this time, eg wake up 8.00 am – breakfast 12.00 – Lunch 5.00 – watch favourite TV show/play on play station etc.

Online - Watch the video clip of 'The Hungry Caterpillar' Pause just as the sun is about to come up. Ask the chn What time of day was it when the story first started? (Night) How do you know? Explain to the chn the vocabulary of evening/night - (Stars and moon).

Wednesday 3 March 2021
Monday 1 March 2021