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Thursday 4th March

 I hope you are keeping safe and enjoying the home learning activities.

The home learning for Thursday 4th March is set out below:


Watch Mrs Allen's phonics lesson clip. Online-short ar clip: And ar twinkle live lesson:

Offline -Can you try to practice your ar? Can you write: bar, car, bark, card, cart, hard, jar, park, market, farm. Play a game of COUNTDOWN: 1. Write the sounds learnt this week and last week- ee, igh, oa, oo and ar in a list. 2. Set a timer for an agreed amount of time. 20 seconds is a good starting point. 3. Read as many sounds as you can in that time and write down your score. 4. Play the game again and try to beat your previous score.


The caterpillar ate mainly fruits in the story. Can you mind map ideas of other foods the caterpillar could eat?

Find as many ideas for the types of




Offline- You could draw the foods and label them on paper

Online- you could paint the different foods on paint.


ONLINE - Recap on time - Song and actions about time.

OFFLINE – Using a timer for 1 minute and a collection of small objects, eg marbles, buttons and a container. Challenge your child to see how many they are able to put in the container or how many they can take out?

Wednesday 3 March 2021