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Thursday 25th February

Hello Poppy and Tulip,

I hope you are keeping safe and enjoying the home learning activities.

The home learning for Thursday 25th February is set out below:


Watch Mrs Allen's phonics lesson clip.

Online-short oa clip:

And oa twinkle live lesson:

from 3.50

Offline -Can you try to practice your oa? Can you write: boat, float, moat, goat, coat.

Spread a layer of sand, flour or uncooked rice into the base of a tray/on a plate. Ask a grown-up to say a word or a sound then use your finger or a paintbrush to write the word into the sand. Try writing these words: boat, float, moat, goat, coat.


Online -draw your favourite part of the story on paint.

Offline -draw your favourite part of the story on paper.


  • Offline - Using the 3d objects found on your shape hunt yesterday from around the house.Can the children sort the object, to those with straight edges, those with curved edges.How many objects have corners etc.
  • Online – What are the properties of 3d shapes
Friday 25th February
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