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Thursday 11th February

 Hello Poppy and Tulip,

I hope you are well, and keeping safe.

I have set the home learning below for Thursday 11th February.


Write I can see sentence to match the picture. Use the colourful semantic cards from this week to help.


Online – Oak National Academy – EYFS – Maths – Exploring numbers within 10 – lesson 7 – exploring one less within 10
Offline – Adult to draw a 10 a ten frame. Use counter/objects to find one less.


Online-short ai clip: And ai twinkle live lesson: from 6.30

Offline -Can you try to practice your ai? Can you write: wait, tail, rain, pain, chain. 'Fishing for phonics' - 'fish' for words/sounds written on ping pong balls/pieces of paper. The balls could be in the bath or hidden in the house. Your child could use a net to try and catch the balls

Friday 12th February
Wednesday 10th February 2021