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Terrific Tuesday 22 February 2021

 Good Morning Poppy and Tulip classes.

We hope you are all well and had lots of fun over the half term break!

We are now in Spring Term 2 and are looking forward to warmer days and lighter evenings. So if you are working at home keep up the hard work!

Remember ask an adult to take photographs of any activities you do at home post them on the portfolio page and then we can all see how hard you are working.

We will also post picture of activities your friends are taking part in at school.

Don't Forget

Remember to use the rapid readers website:

Post some pictures in your drawers on Mini-Mash:


Over the next few weeks we will be learning the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle.


Listen to the story

Draw, paint or colour a butterfly or caterpillar on paper


Share the book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' with a grown-up if you have it at home.

Draw, colour or paint a butterfly or caterpillar on paper.

Or you could also make a collage of a butterfly using scrap paper.



Look out for Mrs Allen's phonics lesson clip.

Short ee clip:

And ee twinkl live lesson:

from 4.37

Offline- Can you try to practice your ee? Write words like: feet, sheep, beep, keep, eel, teeth, jeep.

Don't forget to post your work on the portfolio section on class dojo.

'Fishing for phonics' - 'fish' for words/sounds written on ping pong balls/pieces of paper. The balls could be in the bath or hidden in the house. Your child could use a net to try and catch the balls.


This week we are going to be learning about 3d shapes.

Look at the pictures of the 3d shapes below:today we are going to focus on a Sphere (ball shape) and a Cube (dice shape).See 3d shape poster below.

Online -

Listen and join in with 3D shape song


Can you find any Sphere or Cube shapes at home, eg a ball, marble, a dice, a box, or building blocks etc.

Wonderful Wednesday 24th February 2021
Friday 12th February