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Terrific Tuesday 12 January 2021

Good Morning Poppy and Tulip Classes

I hope you are all well and have been busy with the home learning activities.

Don't Forget

Remember to use the rapid reader website:

Or share a book with a member of your family or read it to your favourite teddy.

Remember to use Purple Mash too:

Remember ask an adult to take photographs of any activities you do at home post them on the portfolio page and then we can all see how hard you are working.

We will also post picture of activities your friends are taking part in at school.


Online –

Can you think of another word to add to rhyme.

Offline -complete the rhyme using the words in the brackets. Record on class dojo to share with everyone. Happy rhyming!

Isn't it funny, how Tim likes____!" ( Kim Jim)

"Isn't it funny, how Pam likes ___!" (hamjam)

"Isn't it funny, how Holly likes ____" (lolliesdollies

Phonics - online

Play a game on phonics play:

Phonics lessons:'u' lesson 19 and -


Write some phonic sounds or tricky words on your child's building blocks.Challenge your child to build different words e.g. no, cat, into or can you think of any different words.


Online: Play again from 2.00 mins and stop at the introduction of each shape.Get the children to repeat name of the shape.Explain that a Pentagon has 5 sides and 5 vertices.Count them with the children, repeat for each shape pentagon,hexagon, heptagon, Octagon.

Offline: Use a variety of resources, flat 2d shapes, (a grown up can cut these shapes out from paper) circle rectangle, square, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon etc. Your child can make their own shape picture.Talk about the picture and what shapes the children have used and the properties of these shapes.

Look out for video clips of your teachers

Wonderful Wednesday 13th January 2021
Home Learning - Monday 11 January 2021