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Monday 8 February 2021

Hello Poppy and Tulip,

I hope you are well, and keeping safe.

To ensure you are getting the most from your home learning we will continue to give you an online and offline option which reflects what we are learning at school.THIS WILL ALL BE POSTED ON DOJO – ON THE CLASS STORY PAGE AND ON THE SCHOOL WEBSITE.

There is a daily timetable on the school website for guidance which may help with home learning.

Remember ask an adult to take photographs of any activities you do at home post them on the portfolio page and then we can all see how hard you are working.

We will also post picture of activities your friends are taking part in at school.

Don't Forget

Remember to use the rapid reader website:

Or share a book with a member of your family or read it to your favourite teddy.

Remember to use Purple Mash too:

Keep yourselves active

Go for a walk to park or just around your local area or play in your garden.

Joe Wicks – PE SESSIONS - The new classes are on at 9am on Wicks' YouTube channel. Once again, his sessions will be completely free to join.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am, families can join Joe for 20 minutes of exercise designed for children.

Cosmic Yoga is also lots fun and will get you active!

I have set the home learning below for Monday 8th February.


Online- Write I can see sentence to match the picture. Use colourful semantic cards to help eg I can see thick oozy mud.


Write I can see sentence to match the picture. Use colourful semantic cards to help.


Today our focus is 1 more than a given number.


Offline – today our focus is 1 more than a given number. Write number 1-10 on pieces of paper and make a number line as below Roll a dice – can your child find the number on the number line and then say what one more would be eg, roll a 6 one more would be 7. Remember one more is move one to the right. The number gets bigger.


Online-Short th clip: and

th twinkl live lesson: from 3.50

Offline- Can you try to practice your th? Can you write Long th: them, with, the, this Short th: moth, thin, thick, thing. Don't forget to post your work on the portfolio section on class dojo. Spread a layer of sand, flour or uncooked rice into the base of a tray/on a plate. Ask a grown-up to say a word or a sound then use your finger or a paintbrush to write the word into the sand. Try writing these words: the, with, this, thin, thick, thing

Tuesday 9th February 2021
Friday 5th February