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Friday 29th January 2021

I hope you are keeping safe, and enjoying the home learning activities.

The home learning for Friday 29th January is set out below:

Joe Wicks – PE SESSIONS - The new classes are on at 9am on Wicks' YouTube channel. Once again, his sessions will be completely free to join.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am, families can join Joe for 20 minutes of exercise designed for children.

Or complete a cosmic yoga session by following the link below:


Online- Play this game: Click on the correct picture which matches the word. Can you sound out the word and blend it e.g. n-e-t=net

Offline- Look at the things around the room. Can you spot any words that begin with any of these sounds? j, v, w, y and z. Can you hear the sound they end with too? Try writing some of them down.


Online- Find out 3 facts about real life bears. You could get an adult to write them or record you sharing the facts. Send your work onto dojo.

Offline- complete the bear hunt challenge. Work with an adult to complete one or more of the challenge questions from the bear hunt sheet. Send your work onto dojo.


Online- Can you find the long and short objects on each page of the power point? This resource also contains a prompt card to help adults promote discussion with children.

Offline- can you draw 3 different length snakes on paper. Colour and cut your snakes. Then order your snakes from long to short.

Monday 1 February 2021
Thursday 28th January Home Learning