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Friday 12th February

 Hello Poppy and Tulip,

I hope you are well and keeping safe.

Your home learning for Friday 12th February is set out below:


Build a sentence using your colourful semantic cards.


Online- work through the one less monkey PowerPoint.

Offline- make a 10 frame. Place objects on your frame, and find one less by taking one object away. See below



Online- Play this game: Remember phonics play is free to use at the moment with this username:jan21 and password: home

Offline- th, ng, ai Play What's in the box/bag? Have a selection of words: the, moth, king, ring, rain, pain in a box. Take it turns to open the bag/box and see what is inside. Can you read the word together? Your child might remember the song we sing at school.


Follow the cosmic yoga for valentines day.


Follow through the PE lesson by Mr Iszchak. 

Terrific Tuesday 22 February 2021
Thursday 11th February