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Let's Get Reading

  This week your child will bring home a reading book, reading record and a sound book.These need to be in your child's book bag each day.

Class DoJo

Well done ALL Poppy Class parents for accepting the invitation to Class Dojo!  There are just a few more Tulip class parents that ...
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PE Lessons Starting on Friday 25th September

​Poppy and Tulip Classes PE lessons will both start on Friday 25th September. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in by Monday 21st September.&...
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First School Dinner - September 2020

​The children in Poppy and Tulip classes stayed for their first school dinner today.  Once again all of the children were absolutely amazing adap...
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Poppy and Tulip Classes - September 2020

​Most children came into school happily and enjoyed exploring their new environment.  A fantastic first day - well done.  We are all looking...
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