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Friday 5th June

​Hello Butterflies! I can't believe that it's Friday again!  I hope that you have all had a good week. Today is LION day!  Let's watch ...
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Thursday 4th June

Good Morning Butterflies!   Today is elephant  day! Elephants are the biggest animals that live on the land.   Watc...
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Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning!  It's Giraffe Day!  Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world.  They have long legs and very long necks, which means ...
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Tuesday 2nd June

 Hello Butterflies! I hope that you and your family are well.  I will try and ring you all in the next few days, so please pick up the phone...
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Monday 1st June

 Good Morning Butterflies!  It is lovely to be back!  I have missed speaking to you all and seeing the photos that you have been sendin...
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Friday 22nd May

Good Morning!  It's Friday again and next week is half-term! This morning, we are looking at different kinds of boats.  Our books is: Brilli...
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Thursday 21st May

​Hello Butterflies!  I hope that you have had lots of fun this week in the sunshine.  Today's story is another story about an outing in a bo...
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Wednesday 20th May

​Good Morning Butterflies! I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful sunshine.  It's perfect weather for playing with water; whether that is in...
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Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning Butterflies!  I hope you are keeping safe and well. Here are some of the pictures which you have been sending in.  Have a look ...
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Monday 18th May

Good Morning!  This week we are going to be heading for the high seas and we are going to be scientists. We are going to start the week by g...
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Friday 15th May

It's Friday again!  I hope that you've enjoyed this week of taking off into the skies.  For our final story we are going on an adventure wit...
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Thursday 14th May

Good Morning! So today we are going to zoom to the moon in a rocket!  Our story is called: Roaring Rockets
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Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning! So today we are going on a more relaxing  journey by taking a ride in a hot air balloon.  Our story is:  The&nb...
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Tuesday 12th May

Hello Butterflies! Today's vehicle is an aeroplane.  Our story is about a pilot called Tara who takes her plane load of passengers on an adventur...
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Monday 11th May

Good Morning Butterflies and welcome to another new week.  I hope you are all keeping safe and well. We are going to continue with our theme of t...
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V E Day Celebrations

Good Morning! Today is a very special day, as the country will be celebrating 75 years since V E Day.  V is for victory , which means that we hav...
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Thursday 7th May

Today's vehicle is a train.  Our story today is: The Magic Train Where did the Magic...
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Wednesday 6th May

Good Morning!  Today we are going to think about  looking at vehicles that people use for work including diggers, fire engines, tractor...
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Tuesday 5th May

Hello Butterflies!   Today's vehicle is the car.  We will start today by listening to:  M r Gumpy's Motor Car
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Monday 4th May

​Good morning Butterflies!  I hope you have had a good weekend.   Thank you so much for all your lovely pictures on Purple Mash.  ...
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