Reading Fluency

Reading is an important skill to develop and like they say 'better readers make better writers'. After every lunch, all of Year 6 are reading to one a...
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Non-Chronological Reports

 ‚ÄčIn literacy, Year 6 have been writing non-chronological reports regarding an animal which they have created by combing different creatures toge...
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School Uniform

 Dear Parents/Guardians, Due to the weather getting colder as the days pass, please ensure that your child has correct and appropriate winter clo...
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P.E Kits

Dear Parents/Guardians, Please remind your children to bring in their P.E kits as they need to be equipped at all times. Since the majority of the les...
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Art Week

The first week back from the Christmas holiday Year 6 were very busy designing and making their boats during Art Week.