Tuesday's challenge time! Can you create a 'how to wash your hands' poster for a year 1 child?

Hi, year 4 me again! I know a lot of you have missed daily challenges and dish of the week as a result, we ARE BACK IN ACTION! Today, your challenge i...
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Tuesday 2nd June

  Another beautiful day! We hope you are well. Remember the morning keep fit sessions with Joe wicks as it is very important to keep fit and heal...
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Eid piñata!

Hi year 4, check out this work done by one of your friends. She with the help of someone  created an  Eid piñata, their  idea was let's...
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Happy Monday

Good morning year 4! How was your break? What did you get up to? It is lovely to have you back! In this post, you will find out about your weekly task...
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Keeping Busy!

​We love to see what you have been getting up to while we aren't at school and a couple of you have sent in some work you have been doing. Waten has c...
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