Surrey Street Sport

This is the place to catch up on all the sports that go on at Surrey Street and to find out how you can get involved!


Monday - Dodgeball Year 3-6 - 8AM

Tuesday - Netball Year 3-6 - 8AM

Tuesday - Surrey Street Football League (Invite Only) Year 3-6 - 3:30PM to 5PM

Wednesday & Thursday - Football Year 1-6 - 8AM

Friday - Cricket & Rounders Year 3-6 - 8AM

Year 3 & 4 Tag Rugby Competition

Well done to all the Year 3 & 4 children that took part in the Luton Schools tag rugby tournament, they played 8 games and only lost 2, winning 3 and drawing the other 3!

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Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Competition

Well done to all the Year 5 & 6 children that took part in the Luton Schools tag rugby tournament, they played 8 games all together, winning 4 and losing 4, on top of that we also had 3 of our children invited to train at the Luton Rugby Club!


Indoor Cricket League

With the introduction of the new Cricket & Rounders club we have decided to enter the school to the Indoor Cricket League for the first time in years. We have played 2 games so far, we lost our first game to St Matthews, we scored 191 / 12w, then also lost our second game to Hillborough scoring 217 / 4w, which came to be a close game. The children had fun participating and are looking forward to more games in the Cricket league. They also learnt a lot from the other schools that have experience participating competitively in Cricket matches and we are hoping to start making Cricket a big sport throughout the school!




Here you can keep up to date with how the school football teams are doing! So far we have played 3 games in the Luton Schools League. Our Year 5/6 team have won 2 and lost 1. We lost 7-2 to Bramingham, then we went on to beat Beech Hill 7-1 and then beat Wigmore 3-0 away. We have upcoming football tournaments at playfootball Luton for Year 5/6 and Year 3/4 where we will look to perform to the best we can and the children to use all the skills they have learnt in football training. COME ON THE STREET!

Year 5 & 6 Athletics Competition

We took 23 children to the Luton schools south zone Year 5 & 6 athletics competition where all the children took part in various indoor track and field events. We finished 7th overall and won some of our events along the way. It was a good day out for all the children that were involved, they worked extra hard and represented the school very well. Well done!

Athletics pic 1Athletics pic 2