Welcome to Surrey Street Football & Netball League!

Welcome to Surrey Street Football & Netball League!
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Netball League Results

 4 weeks ago the netball league had started at Surrey Street and it has been very competitive since the start. The teams are, Together, Everyone, Achieves, More, which is also an acronym for the word TEAM. These are the results for the past 4 weeks.

Week 1:

Together 2-4 Everyone

Achieves 0-15 More

Week 2:

Together 3-4 Achieves

Everyone 2-5 More

Week 3:

More 2-0 Together

Everyone 4-3 Achieves

Week 4:

Everyone 2-1 Together

More 6-2 Achieves

The past 4 weeks has seen More dominate the league with 4 wins in a row with a point difference of +14! Together are still yet to find a win getting the closest in Week 4 against Everyone. Achieves started off with the worst possible start losing 15-0 but bounced back the week after with a win but are still to add to that win after losing 2 more times. And finally Everyone have been on the tail of More with 3 wins but only 1 loss being to More. The league is getting competitive and it is good to see all the children having a chance at playing in a competitive environment for Netball!

League Table

1. More Pts: 12 W:4 D:0 L:0

2. Everyone Pts: 9 W:3 D:0 L:1

3. Achieves Pts: 3 W:1 D:0 L:3

4: Together Pts: 0 W:0 D:0 L:4

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