Welcome to Surrey Street Football & Netball League!

Welcome to Surrey Street Football & Netball League!

The Surrey Street Football League is a 4-team league that runs for children in years 4, 5 and 6 that attend football club on a weekly basis. The league was set up to provide competitive football for children, even if they have never competed before. Players were sorted into four evenly-matched teams and given a manager and team name. 


To be part of the league, players must attend training each week (failure to attend will result in missing the next week's games). Behaviour in school is also taken into consideration regarding children's selection each week. If a player's behaviour in-school is not acceptable, they will miss that week's game. However, each week results in a fresh start so that children can earn their way back into the team.


The league will run twice per year: between September and October in the Autumn term and between Easter and July in the summer term. A trophy will be awarded to the winning team. Players will be sorted into new teams for each new campaign so that they have a chance to play with new players and for a new manager to help them develop socially.


Our vision for the football league is that children will develop life skills in order to help them become both good young players and good young people.


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Updated football league

Updated football league standing   Download PDF File Here

Netball league update

Together 2-4 Everyone Achieves 0-15 More Together 3-4 Achieves Everyone 2-5 More More 2-0 Together Everyone 4-3 Achieves Everyone 2-1 Together More 6-...
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Team pics

Here are the teams 

Updated football league

Updated football league standing